Monday, August 11, 2014

Geographical things to consider

 Image above: A map of our aging world

Sites related to GeogSplace 
Spatialworlds blog
Australian Geography Teachers' Association website sites for the class


 Worth a read/look

The following sites are worth a read and look. Some are directly related to the resources and population core topics, whilst others are just geographically interesting to add to your geographical knowledge. Enjoy and take the time to consider what they show and say.

Bottled water

Maps to explain the world


The plastic bag

The waters of the Nile

Sustaining 7 Billion people


Future of water in Australia

The Good Country Index

Just a T Shirt?

Conflict over water

Five things about World Refugees

12 visualisations about inequity

Cutting down cutting down in Brazil

People living on a dollar a day

Recycling ships

The energy debate

Distribution of renewables in the US

Food spending

Impact of El Nino

An interactive on urban population growth

A map of our aging world

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