Tuesday, January 29, 2013


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Welcome to GeogSplace, a blog to explore place and space through the study of geography. There is no such word as splace but I thought it would be an interesting way to get us to think that geography is very much about both the study of place and space, so why not splace? Before we go any further talking about space, place and this thing called geography I want you to just play with the following 'WoW' (World of Wonder) sites that really get us appreciating the awe-inspiring nature of our world, the world of geography!

1. The BBC Human Planet Explorer: wondrous video clips galore

The excellent BBC site titled “Human Planet Explorer” contains hundreds of amazing human stories from around the world through television and radio clips from BBC programmes such as Human Planet, Amazon with Bruce Parry and Tropic of Cancer. Human Planet Explorer enables teachers and students to browse a selection of clips that showcase man's relationship with the natural environment. Check the video clips on environments, seasons, life events , survival skills, countries, events and festivals and other BBC video collections. Here are just a few to view.

* Tidal movements under the ice.
The tide goes out even under the ice. This amazing video shows the pulsating movements of the sea and ice.
People risk their lives gathering every day necessities, namely food! It is very interesting what people of the northern Arctic regions have done for so long.

Just wait till the end of the tidal ice YouTube and click on BBC1 and see some of the following magnificent videos of our world. Here are just a few wondrous ones:

* Nomads Life – Eagle hunter
* Emptying a lake in minutes
* Tuna fishing in the South Pacific
* Paddle surfer riding huge wave
* An uncontacted Amazon tribe from the air
* Fishing in the Philippines

2. Geography Association’s “A Different View”

Geography is about discovering the world… and its complexity Geography deepens our understanding of the world Geography fascinates and inspires Thinking geographically … thinking critically … about what we see and understand.

3. The NASA Earth Observatory site

This amazing source of satellite images of the Earth has been around for a while but never ceases to engender wonder of the world.

 4. Mt Everest visual

A climber and filmmaker has created the most detailed image of Mount Everest ever, made up of a mosaic of hundreds of photographs. 

5.  360 degree view from a Dubai building

Not recommended for vertigo sufferers, the image has been stitched together from 70 separate 80 megapixel images taken from the top of the 2,722 ft tower.  The photographs were taken from the very top of the building - 200 hundreds metres above the 160th floor, which is highest point reachable by elevator.The observation deck is on the 124th floor. The journey to the very top involves a steep ladder climb within the 200 metre spire at the top of the building. 

6. New York in 360

An amazing urban landscape to view and wonder at.

7. What is Geography

A video to think about geography with.

To think and write about before next lesson.

What is geography?
What is space and place?