Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A landmine of a resource issue

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As we have repeatedly said; “geography is contestable”. A contestable resource issue has hit the headlines on the Yorke Peninsula which provides an excellent opportunity for us to do an issue analysis on. The nub of the issue is that the State Government has giving permission for Rex Minerals to mine on Yorke Peninsula on agricultural land. The community is divided about whether the State Government has made the correct decision on this matter dealing with the resources of our state.  What do you think?

Do some harvesting on the issue (read all you can from the sources below) and then complete the Deconstructing an issue’ template on the Moodle. Here is the template also on Dropbox.

I am interested what conclusion and recommendations you come up with on this very current hot issue in South Australia.

For the assignment you are to do two briefings. Download the briefing template here.

Background resources for you to read and digest on the issue

Internet reporting on the Yorke Peninsula mine issue