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Looking for a geographical issue to inquire about

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The Inquiry task: this terms work!

The first assignment we are doing is the Inquiry Report where you must find a geographical issue to research.

From the SACE couse outline

Assessment: Inquiry (20%)
Students initiate and carry out one inquiry into a particular issue addressed in an option topic. The selected option topic must differ from that used for the fieldwork report.
The inquiry must involve the study of an issue that has local, national, and global relevance. It should demonstrate an understanding, and knowledge, of the concepts and key ideas raised in the chosen option topic. The emphasis is on the student’s development of this understanding and knowledge through the inquiry approach. The geographical inquiry should be based on an inquiry question formulated by the student in consultation with the teacher.
For the inquiry, students:
·   identify the issue
·   communicate causal factors
·   communicate the local, national, and global nature of the issue
·   integrate relevant maps, illustrations, graphs, and tables
·   analyse and critically evaluate data gathered from a wide variety of sources
·   critically evaluate various points of view
·   evaluate the environmental, social, political, and/or economic implications of responses to the issue
·   justify conclusions
·   reflect on sustainability
·   acknowledge sources appropriately.
The geographical inquiry can be submitted in one of the following formats: broadsheet, report, essay, digital slide presentation, or web page.
The geographical inquiry should be a maximum of 1500 words if written or a maximum of 10 minutes for an oral presentation, or the equivalent in multimodal form.

Over the next few weeks we will discuss the nature of issues in geography and the need to look at our views on issues and express our opinion about them in preparation of doing the Inquiry task. Read the following documents from the SACE Board site to give you detail and an example of the task.

The Inquiry task

An example of an Inquiry

 Looking for a geographical issue

Many of you may have difficulty thinking about an issue of importance to you. I thought the following websites dedicated to exploring and providing information on issues would be a useful exercise for you to look at and see a topic/issue that you find of interest. Start thinking about it now! Spend some time over the next week looking at these sites, identifying issues and learning about them. Remember it must be a geographical issue that you inquire about - what makes an issue geographical is for us to discuss!

Here are some sites to explore:

* Newspapers to explore for issues at

* Geographical issues in the news

* Envirnmental issues 

* Find out the facts on a wide range of issues at

* Geographical issues

* Research issues at the Social Issue Research Centre at

* Investigate a catalogue of issues at

* Find out information for issue studies at

* Investigate a directory of issues at

* Look at this Australian social action issue site at

* Here is a site full of issue ideas

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