Monday, June 2, 2014

Important information about the lesson on Thursday

Image above: Fishing frenzy  Watch this to see an amazing example of sustainability and the human-environment connection

End of Core Topic section on population and development 

This week finishes the section of the Core Topic on population and development.

The required reading for Thursday night is below. Much of this reading has already been set and it should just be another read through (you noted the first time through, did you not?).

** Global Interaction 1 (hiking boots book)
Page 216-239

 ** Essentials: Geography Workbook 
Page 23-48, 68-77 and 90-91

  • Thursday's lesson will finish at 5.40. I would like to see as many of you as possible at 3pm  to talk about your Field Study before the lesson starts at 4pm
  • In the lesson I am going to go though more theory on population and graph interpretation work, followed by a past exam practical on population and development that you can take away to do at home. I call it a practical because the past exams primarily involve graph, table and map interpretation. These are essential skills for you to negotiate the exam.

See you on Thursday.



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